Privacy policy for Quickdojo

Quickdojo is an application to teach coding using a simple webform with Google login to store projects.

What information we collect.

We collect your email address, browser and IP address. Your email address is collected when you click on the Google Signin button. Your browser and IP address are collected when you type in your browser.

How we use the information we collect.

We use your email address to create a folder within Quickdojo so your projects are stored securely and are private to you. Your email address is used so that when you use the application, you are logged in directly to your folder.

We may send updates to the email address relating to Quickdojo operations from time to time.

The data scope used for Google login is plus.login and though we only store the first part of your email address as the unique folder name in Quickdojo.

Browser and IP address are used within the Google Analytics platform to understand location of users and language preference.

What information we share.

We do not share your information with any third-party for marketing purposes.

Law enforcement.

You agree that by using this service me may disclose any necessary information to law enforcement agencies when requested to do so.

EU GDPR Right to be forgotten.

To exercise your right to be forgotten under EU GDPR law, email and ask to be removed. Clicking on the folder button will also log you out of the application.

EU GDPR Proof of consent.

To exercise your right to access proof of consent to use Quickdojo, email and ask for proof of consent. When you login to for the first time, you create a consent log in the platform.

EU GDPR Portability.

To exercise your right to port your information email and ask for Portability service.